Second Chances and Empathy Hackathons

The Second Chances and Empathy Hackathon brings together students, data experts, lawyers, reform advocates, public servants, and others for a day of service in which participants deliver technology and research services and prototypes to nonprofits.

While all hackathons are about empowering solvers, the Second Chances and Empathy Hackathon aims to empower solvers by giving them exposure - up close and personal - to social justice problems and justice-involved leaders. By working on real problems, for real organizations and real people, participants tap into what Bryan Stevenson describes as "the power of proximity."

The Hackathon has been recognized by the National Law Journal and California Daily Journals with "Tech Trailblazer" awards and teaches participants skills such as developing websites to field calls from prisons, and creating algorithms to parse public records and create forms for processes. Participants also write code and perform research projects for nonprofit groups to support re-entry and innocence projects.

Contact if you are interested in participating in the 2021-2022 Hackathon.

Hackathon Partners:
Yolo County PD | Safe and Just California | UnCommonLaw | #cut50 | National Justice Impacted Bar Association | NCIP


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