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‘A second chance at life’: Clean Slate Initiative looks to give those with a criminal record a fresh start (Mar. 9, 2023)

“The Clean Slate Initiative works to expand and automate the sealing of arrest and conviction records after people have completed their sentence and remained crime-free for a period of time,” according to the organization’s website.”

“According to the non-profit’s website, they have helped pass legislation to pave the way for over 7 million people who have conviction and non-conviction cases to be cleared.

March 8 was Clean Slate Advocacy day in Missouri, a day when advocates of Empower Missouri, including those with criminal records, spoke with lawmakers about the initiative in hopes of making it easier to have their records expunged.

According to the Clean Slate Initiative, over 1.9 million Missourians have a criminal record, but only 1% percent of people have their records expunged.”

“According to Clean Slate, if people are able to have their records expunged, then they are 11% more likely to get a job and 22% more likely to higher wages within one year of expungement.”

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